Health Coaching Services

New in June 2022


In addition to homeopathic treatment, clients can now book appointments for health coaching.

What is health coaching?

Health coaches are skilled in the art & science of behaviour change. They are trained to help you implement health and lifestyle changes on your terms.

Health coaches work in partnership to:

  • empower you to discover your own wisdom and strength
  • help you create your own solutions
  • support you on your journey without judgement
  • hold you accountable to your goals
Invest in your Health

People seek a health coach to clarify, plan and take action on ways to improve their diet, exercise, sleep or stress management.

After completing six months of a year-long training program, Liz is now taking practicum clients. They can be existing clients of her homeopathy practice or new clients who want to explore how health coaching can help them attain greater health & wellness.

During her practicum (until December 2022), Liz will be offering these services for $10/session, 6 sessions for $50.

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