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What is a Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a healing art the helps promote wellness and rid the body of illness. It does this by stimulating the body’s core vitality.

It is a medical system based on a set of principles regarding pharmacology, health, illness, and cure. It addresses causes of chronic disease with the use of highly diluted substances that are chosen based on the patient’s unique characteristics.

Homeopaths can help with:

  • Chronic degenerative diseases
  • Emotional/mental disturbances
  • Systemic imbalances
  • Acute inflammations
  • more…

How does a homeopath choose a remedy for a person?

Homeopaths take the time to fully understand a person’s symptoms, how they experience their illness as well as their state of being. By exploring what makes people unique, the homeopath is able to gain insight into the nature of their life force. It is this understanding that allows the homeopath to select an appropriate remedy to it to arrive at a curative reaction.

What are in the proposed remedies?

Homeopathic remedies are derived from a wide variety of mineral, plant and animal substances. They are made by a series of dilutions that are energized by vigorous shaking in a process known as ‘succussion’.

By addressing the person’s state, the appropriate remedy can properly address the illness.

Can I take prescription medications while taking homeopathic remedies?

Yes. Homeopathic care is intended to compliment care you are receiving from your doctor, not replace it. Homeopathic medicines are safe to take alongside any prescription medications prescribed by your doctor.

What happens during homeopathic consultation?

The goal of a homeopathic consultation is to assess your entire health picture. In order do this, clients are encouraged to share all their health concerns. As a homeopath, I am trained to ask clarifying questions to gain a full understanding of each symptom. During our first appointment, this will take some time but it is important as it will enable me to select a remedy that is best suited to you at this time.

Do you accept insurance?

As a regulated profession in the Province of Ontario, Homeopathic care may be covered by individual health-care benefit plans. You can check with your employer or insurance provider for more details.

Do I need a referral?

No, a referral to see a homeopath is not required.

After taking a remedy, when can I expect to feel better?

Just as health is individualized, so is healing. Some clients report a lessening of their symptoms within a few days of taking a remedy. For others, the first sign of change is experiencing a good night’s sleep and symptoms take time to be addressed.

How many doses of a remedy will I need?

It depends! We start with a single dose of a single remedy and go from there. During follow up appointments, we track your progress and re-dose if/when the effects of a previous dose wear off.

Why is it important to have follow up appointments?

In order to obtain the full benefit from homeopathic treatment, follow ups after taking a remedy are important. As a homeopath, I am trained to assess the progression of treatment so that my clients can continue to feel better and are gently restored to a state of health.

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