What To Expect

Learn the benefits of Homeopathy

At the first appointment we complete a comprehensive assessment of your health picture. In order to find a remedy that is supportive to your health, you will share in as much detail as you can your health challenges, your medical history and lifestyle. This appointment is usually about 90 minutes in length.

The goal is to help me as your homeopath, understand how you experience symptoms and how they affect your daily life. It is a team approach!

Follow up visits are shorter in duration and will involve discussing the changes that have occurred so I can understand how you have responded to the remedy and what the next steps will be in your treatment plan

What to expect with Homeopathy

To learn more about how homeopathy can help, ¬†book your initial consultation¬†with me. During this, I’ll learn about your health challenges and begin to determine how we can support you in achieving optimal wellness.

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